The catalogue contains a list of the different articles available «of the shelf» by Drytech. In general, it is based upon our skills on making rations for personnel in challenging situations. For orders or questions in general you are free to contact us!

We offer complete rations as well as individual meals of breakfast and dinner. Shelf life for rations is at least two years, as our meals have a 5 year shelf life from date of production. We admit you might not know all there is to know, so do not hesitate to ask!

For 25 years, Drytech has used its specially developed technology and know-how to create freeze-dried meals for the Norwegian Army. Stews and soups are freeze-dried using a proprietary method developed by Drytech, which retains the natural taste, aroma, appearance, consistency and the nutritional value, maintaining the natural vitamins and minerals in the food.

Food safety is a natural point of focus in Drytech. Because water is removed during the freeze-drying process, microorganisms and enzymes action are inhibited. All our products are vacuum packed in strong, lasting pouches to ensure long durability without using preservatives.